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General rules, rates, and terms of Springfield Studio 1

Below is outlined basic guidelines, rates of pay, and other important information regarding the rental and use of our studio. For a complete contract or any other questions, please contact us.

The below terms apply to the performance venue, not the creative shared space. Please contact us directly about terms and conditions for shared space usage.

Basic rules, rates, and terms for Springfield Studio 1

For a more detailed list of terms, please refer to our contract for a complete list. Below are the main highlights.

Studio Uses

Listed below are some uses for the Studio. The list is not exhaustive and we are happy to try out new ideas!

  • Film production

  • Podcasting

  • Theater Production

  • Stand-up Comedy

  • Movie Screenings

  • Trivia nights

  • Musical acts

  • Trainings and seminars

  • Multi-week classes

  • Events (parties, baby showers, holiday get togethers)

And the list goes on. If you are a performer with an audience that you know would love to be at a dedicated space to hear/see you perform, this is a great spot for you.  If you are in need of a space that can fit up to 100 people for screenings, trainings, parties, events, then we should be a great fit.

Stage, Equipment, and basic Info.

Here are some details about our current set-up:

  • Stage is 16 feet wide and 10 feet deep

  • Stage is well lit, with options for moving lights around as needed

  • Side area for staging and the ability to move from side to side behind the back curtain.

  • We have two main speakers, 15" Mackie Thumps, for sound

  • 12 channel mixing board

  • Light board (still in the process of being set up)

  • Projector and projector screen

  • Parking lot that fits 35 vehicles, with additional parking along the street.

  • Venue is set-up to hold 50 guests, but can be rearranged to hold up to 90, and even more if the other rooms are rented out as well.

  • ...and more! We are continually upgrading the space to better improve the experience for customers and performers.

Rental Costs

Prices vary based on what parts of the venue you are using. For the stage area ('The Venue') rates are $50/hr, and include 40min total for set-up and break-down. Classroom is rented out for $25/hr, and all spaces can be rented out for general use for $100/hr.

All ticket sales go to the performers. Rental rates are charged up front and can be reimbursed until up to 48 hours before the scheduled performance. We have different days rates, so if you need the space for multiple days contact us directly for pricing.

Ticket Sales

We do not provide ticket sales at this time. We also do not take a percentage of ticket sales, and do not check/verify tickets. For an additional fee we can provide some of these services.


The Venue does have a concessions stand, and will be ran by Springfield Studio 1. All proceeds earned through the sale of concessions goes entirely to Springfield Studio 1. If no team members are available to run concessions, no concessions shall be sold.

We sell a variety of pre-packaged snacks, candies, sodas, and popcorn. No liquor is served on site.


While we love musical acts, dues to the type and size of venue we have some restrictions, which are outlined below.

  • No 'super loud blow your ears off music'. We enjoy all types of music, but due to our location we have to keep the volume at reasonable levels.

  • Keep it at PG-13 levels. If you need to constantly swear, be excessively graphic, sexually explicit...this isn't the place for you.

If you think your music is an exception, come talk with us! We are fairly easy to get along with and love to support our local artists.

Items of Note

A couple of thoughts to keep in mind when looking to rent the venue:

  • We are generally a family friendly venue. Keep that in mind for any performances you want to perform here.

  • No alcohol is served on site.

  • Payment for events held here is 1/2 at least a day before the event, and the other 1/2 due by the end of the event.

  • Our website calendar holds all the currently scheduled events. Check that out for any available spots.

We’d love to see you perform at our venue!
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