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What goes on at
Springfield Studio 1?

A place designed by Creatives, for Creatives

We work to connect local Creatives in the film industry by providing a place for them to network, perform, and work.

It's hard to gather people to build a film industry when they don't have a weekly reason to get together. Springfield Studio 1 is our solution to that.

Need a place to practice music, try new comedy acts, show a film, stage a small play? This is the place to show off and meet other people that want to hire you to work with them on their projects.



We offer a wide range of services that support the needs of local creatives, film industry professionals, and anyone that wants to perform in front of a crowd! Check out the links below to get more information on each of our services.


If you are interested in applying to perform here, please click on the 'Terms of Use' which will give you more details on the space, terms and conditions, and will guide you to a form to submit in order to perform here.


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Productions at Springfield Studio 1

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Contact Us

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Have any general questions? Feel free to contact us via this form, or reach out to us directly at 


If you would like to submit a performance idea or schedule your play/band/routine, please click the button below and you will be taken to the submittal form.

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